First Lawyer Program

Program information

A cloud program that enables the office owner to manage his law firm, manage his lawyers, all contracts, cases and all financial details, and a 100% complete management system from inside and outside the Kingdom.

Our first Lawyer app enables you to do the following:

Registering contacts: You can register all your contacts that have been dealt with or that you have a future desire to deal with.

Lawyers working in the office: You can register all the data of the lawyers working for you and the powers of each lawyer and the cases referred to him.

Cases: The system enables you to record all customer cases with all the necessary data from the case number, case data, the names of the plaintiffs, the defendants, the name of the judge, the circuit number, and all updates on the case with knowledge of the date of modification and the files attached with each update.

Sessions: The system provides a session recording service for each case, with details of the current session, the next session, the date and requests, as well as alerting and identifying the sessions that can be appealed and reminding of the date of the appeal.

Judgments: The system records all judgments for each case and alerts the date of appeal or the next date.

Session Report: The system enables you to record the minutes of the sessions and send them to the client via e-mail from the system.

Notifications: The system provides a service of notifications to the lawyer, alerting the next session or the last date for appeal, as well as alerting the client of a new update in the case.

Financial matters: The program enables you to know all the financial details of each case and the received or remaining payments or the percentages agreed upon with the client.

Appointments: Clients’ appointments as well as sessions are scheduled in a clear picture and alerted by the system.

Customer Registration Service: It helps you to register complete customer data, determine the type of customer and write notes about the customer.

The Labor Office: The system creates a lawsuit sheet for labor issues that contains all the details of the labor contract

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