Hire Arab Badia’s DevOps Consulting Experts

Arab Badia offers DevOps as a service, providing rapid application onboarding, delivery pipeline automation, continuous integration, and application development across top cloud platforms.

Assessment & Planning

Experts create a comprehensive DevOps assessment by leveraging powerful planning tools, identifying traceable metrics, and visualizing the roadmap for your startup app.

Pilot Framework Creation

Leverage and integrate existing tools to create a robust tool stack, ensuring agile delivery, improved operational performance, and optimized infrastructure.

Process Implementation

DevOps experts utilize analysis, design, construction, automation, and implementation techniques to accelerate the DevOps implementation process.

CI/CD Pipeline

Utilize continuous integration, continuous development, continuous QA testing, and continuous deployment methods to effectively bridge the DevOps gap.

Process Automation

Developers leverage leading automation tools to automate the entire process pipeline, covering builds, performing quality checks, QA testing, and more.

Security Integration

Perform end-to-end security integration using industry-leading security software, ensuring that your entire DevOps environment is properly safeguarded.

Arab Badia’s DevOps Services

Arab Badia employs DevOps best practices, including process automation, streamlining software development, and infrastructure management to deliver faster and more reliable software deployment.
Continuous Integration
Merge all coding changes into a central repository, automate builds, and run QA tests to find and address bugs quickly, improve software quality, and reduce validation times.
Continuous Delivery
We deploy all code changes to a QA testing environment, automatically building, testing, and preparing a deployment-ready build artifact for production release.
Developers utilize a set of small individual services, each of which runs its own processes and communicates with other services via an HTTP-based API.
Infrastructure as Code
Provision and manage the infrastructure using software development and coding techniques, including continuous integration and version control.
Monitoring & Logging
Measure the infrastructure’s performance by monitoring metrics and logs, capturing, categorizing, and analyzing data generated by the applications.
Communication & Collaboration
Set strong cultural norms by sharing and facilitating enhanced communication & collaboration, bringing the workflows of operations and development together.

Arab Badia’s DevOps Tools

Arab Badia utilized strong DevOps practices, harnessing the power of leading DevOps tools & technologies that allow us to automate manual tasks and manage development processes effectively.

Source Code Control

Leverage source code control tools to share open-source projects and enhance collaboration efforts around shared repositories.

DevOps CI/CD & Configuration

DevOps CI/CD pipeline management tools are dedicated to continuous integration and delivery through task automation.

Container Platforms

Utilize container orchestration tools and break large applications and products down into microservices that run on containers.

Computing & Storage

Implement leading single cloud, multi-cloud, or hybrid-cloud computing and storage platforms for added flexibility and agility.

Automated Testing

Integrate powerful automated testing tools to improve QA without slowing down phases of development, deployment, or release.

Monitoring, Alerting, & Incident Response

Observability tools ingest your infrastructure and application’s traces, metrics, and events to help inform you of your system’s health status.

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