Digital Marketing Software Development

We Provide Custom Digital Marketing Software Development

Modern companies require custom digital marketing software development solution that not only offer all the expected features found in an off-the-shelf platform, but can also easily integrate with all its other enterprise software, leveraging historical and client data to shape campaigns guaranteed to generate leads and drive revenue, and Arab Badia has nearly two decades of experience doing just that.

Marketing Automation Software

We leverage our developers’ deep working knowledge of artificial intelligence, business intelligence and machine learning to construct truly unique marketing automation platforms. We construct centralized databases of marketing materials and develop tools for streamlining workflows, generating regular reports, and triggering outreach efforts and responses.

Smarter Web Marketing

Our custom web page and landing page builder modules include drag-and-drop design tools, preprogrammed and customizable templates, metadata forms, strategic SEO planners to rank higher in search engine results, and automated analytics-gathering software. We can this as a standalone tool or as part of a larger Enterprise Content Management System (ECMS).

Holistic Marketing Attribution

We automate the gathering of data from traditional advertising networks, social media, email campaigns, CRM, and other channels before using algorithms custom-written by our data analysts to determine your marketing successes and failures. Our systems allow for single and multiple-touch attribution models, as well as fractional and algorithmic ones. We can also integrate machine learning technology to help with campaign forecasting.

Customer-Centric Analytics

We can program APIs to integrate your existing enterprise applications and consolidate all your siloed data, giving you a holistic view of your campaigns and their effects on your bottom line. We design centralized dashboards, side-by-side A/B testing modules, and dynamic, easily sharable KPI visualizations with “what-if” analysis tools that offer big-picture views of campaign success metrics.

Social Media Marketing

We develop and integrate social media marketing applications for collaborating with coworkers to strategize cohesive social campaigns. We program features for automating regularly scheduled posts, mining relevant data, analyzing user engagement, alerting SMMs to responses and tracking brand mentions. We’ve worked with social media platform APIs from LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and more, and know how to seamlessly interface our platforms with theirs.

Dynamic Email Marketing

We build feature-rich email marketing platforms that you can use to create eye-catching, engaging corporate emails with HTML and CSS, or with intuitive visual editing tools. Other built-in features can include segment-able contact lists, automated response planners, engagement trackers, automated opt-in/op-out reactions, drip marketing planning modules, tools for creating inquiry forms and other interactive elements, and much more.

Targeted Content Marketing

Collaborate effortlessly to create and publish highly optimized content (written materials, infographics, videos) using centralized content marketing platforms. We design workflow management tools specific to your content department that automate the planning, creation, SEO-ification, publishing, marketing and subsequent analysis of all content. We can even enhance mobile marketing tools with geo-fencing tech, automating SMS or push notifications when users enter a pre-specified area.

Lead Management Platforms

We design integrated CRM modules and standalone solutions for handling the generation, nurturing, scoring and capture of leads across all channels. Our lead management systems make it easy to call up and understand the relationship between communications, sales histories, lead behavior and your employees’ efforts. We can also integrate tools for creating and scheduling outreach efforts within the app.

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