ITSM Software Solutions

ITSM Software Solutions & Monitoring Tools

Arab Badia designs ITSM management software to help businesses succeed by automating cloud based processes and optimizing problem management. Our developers engineer dynamic systems to perform root cause analysis and provide real-time IT visibility.

Call Center Tracking Software

Our developers create ITSM tools such as call center tracking software, allowing enhanced customer engagement through Automated Call Distributor (ACD) modules, SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) integrations, and enterprise workload management.

CMMS Software Solutions

We program Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) to automate workflows for project management, external requests, asset history records keeping, hardware inventory management, and more. Our software provides real-time automation for DNS.

SLA Management Systems

Our developers program custom Service Level Agreement (SLA) management systems and tools to handle site-specific SLAs, configure separate requests, ensure automatic assignments and assign priorities based on predetermined parameters. Reporting tools measure response time, SLA compliance/violations, and more.

IT Lifecycle Management Solutions

We design IT lifecycle management solutions such as Asset Management Systems (AMS) software, custom application development for auto-discovery tools, metadata repository creation, Configuration Management Database (CMDB) setup to collect and store, as well as hardware/software licensing renewal tracking systems.

IT Procurement Services

Our IT procurement services include development for eProcurement/eSourcing efficiency enhancements and Information Services Procurement Library (ISPL) augmentation with integrations to service catalogs and service delivery automation workflows, as well as tendering planning/preparation tools.

Predictive Maintenance Software

We design predictive maintenance software for infrastructure optimization and incident management. Integration with predictive analytics applications ensure equipment uptime, enhanced system quality and stability, and detect possible failure patterns, also known as root cause analysis.

Knowledge Management

Our ITSM solutions include internal and external knowledge base tracking software for master data tracking, and knowledge-based integrations with routing/escalation rules. Automated priority services with notification automation are encompassed in task tracking and task management systems for analytics and reporting applications.

ITSM Software Solutions

Arab Badia provides ITSM platform solutions that include features with user-defined dashboard customization capabilities. The management of enterprise ITSM through self-service or managed ticketing is reflected in our software’s release management automation, streamline versioning and accelerate deployments efficiently.

IT Service Continuity Management

We develop business-specific software for IT service continuity management planning, including integrated disaster recovery software with server restoration capabilities through automated data backups, private branch exchange re-establishment and more. Root cause analysis capabilities are built into most of our Performance Monitoring Solutions for Continuity Management.

ITSM Programming

Our information technology experts perform ITSM software programming of web-based service desk platforms for ITSM systems with secured Customer Service Request (CSR) management portals, contract management software to plan resource allocation, modules and upgrades for client management software to support on-site or off-site Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, and availability management modules.

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