Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) Software Solutions

We Have Experienced Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) Software Developers

Arab Badia offers top-tier computer telephony integration (CTI) software development, augmenting IT teams to revamp current CTI systems and creating new solutions from the ground up.

CTI Software Development

We develop CTI software solutions and applications to help call & contact centers improve service quality, maximize efficiency, and deliver exceptional customer experiences.
Omnichannel Routing
Our solutions incorporate omnichannel routing and interaction management, automatic call distributor (ACD), and interactive voice response (IVR) software integrations.
We implement advanced analytics tools to turn insights into success-driven results, built with interaction analysis, customer reporting, and performance management capabilities.
Automation & Artificial Intelligence (AI)
We incorporate cutting-edge, intuitive AI-powered technology to automate business processes and speed up resolutions of customer issues for improved business outcomes.

Telephony Data Integration

We specialize in telephony architecture for voice, video, and integrated data (AVVID) leveraging cloud PBX third-party vendor software to enhance web server data retrieval.

VoIP Server Software Development

Our experts develop voice over internet protocol (VoIP) server software, including VoIP applications, contact & call center systems, and web & video conferencing platforms.

Telephony Message Software Development

We develop telephony message software, such as short message service center (SMSC) and multimedia messaging service center (MMSC) platforms, plus other messaging protocols.

Speech Analytics Software Development

We integrate speech analytics software into existing systems to automate interaction analysis, gather key business intelligence, and improve operational performances.

Custom CTI Software Solutions

Arab Badia designs and develops custom unified telecommunication platform solutions that allow for seamless integration between data and voice messaging services.

CTI Software Solutions

We develop custom CTI software solutions that enhance call reporting quality, improves customer experiences, and streamlines workflows to help agents work more efficiently.
Automated Screen Pop
We implement automated screen pop features allowing call center agents to view detailed information about the caller automatically on the agent’s computer screen.
Predictive Dialer Systems
We include predictive dialer system integrations to enable contact centers to send automated messaging and scheduled recalls, supporting multichannel campaigns.
Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
We develop computer-supported telecommunications applications (CSTA) build with advanced ACD systems to streamline the communication process.

CTI Software Solutions For Call Management Workflow Optimization

We implement a host of features within your CTI software solution to help your telecommunication workforce improve productivity and efficiency.
IMS Software Solutions
We implement automated screen pop features allowing call center agents to view detailed information about the caller automatically on the agent’s computer screen.
IVR Software Solutions
We develop telecommunications software solutions that process incoming phone calls using interactive voice response (IVR) software to answer calls without needing an operator.
BYOD & MDM Software Solutions
We engineer bring-your-own-device (BYOD), mobile device management (MDM), and unified network management applications to extend media collaboration benefits.

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